About Visionary Minds

Visionary Minds is a Publicity, Entertainment Media Company. We service our clients with the 3 P's :

Promotion, Production and Press.

Our team can provide and connect you with the personnel or resources you need providing publicity services to promote:






-Creative Artists

Additional Services you can book Visionary Minds for includes :

-Press Coverage/ Media Consulting

-Hosting Events and Workshops

- Producing TV Shows, Commercials, PSA's

- Creative Writing / Ghost Writing

* Congratulations to Visionary Minds Founder Tammy Reese for being an 2018 Central NY 40 Under Forty Award Winner*

*Visionary Minds Publicity and Entertainment Media Company is Newspaper, Radio,TV and Magazine Featured*

We pride ourselves on having the diverse skills to help clients expand their vision! We embrace collaborations and sponsorships are welcome. Let's inspire! Thank you!

Email us at VisionaryMindsNY@Gmail.Com

Visionary Minds additional experience includes :

- Hosting 4x Grammy Winner Kal Dawson's Music Artist Workshop

-Screenwriting Classes with Hollywood Producer Jeremy Garelick

- Publicity, Production assisting "Priest The Lost Son" movie Trailer starring Robin Givens, Jamal Woolard and Clifton Powell.

- Planning Trailer Wrap up party for "Priest The Lost Son"

- Assisting coordinating Act Like You Know acting workshop with Dennis LA White

- Syracuse International Film Festival Press (2x's)

- HBO/Cinemax Urban Action Showcase

Expo Press (2x's)

-"The Wizard Of Oz" (Syracuse Stage Press)

- "The Lion King" (Landmark Theater Press)

- Syracuse University Mayfest and Carrier Dome Concert featuring Gucci Mane and Sza (Press)

Celebrity and Industry Professional Interviews with :

Marc Randolph

(Co Founder of Netflix)

Daniel Baldwin

("The Wisdom To Know The Difference")

Warrington Hudlin

(Producer of "House Party" and Bebe's Kids)

Giancarlo Esposito

("Breaking Bad", "Revolution")

Siobhan Fallon Hogan

("Wayward Pines", "Forrest Gump")

Tom Bower ("The Hills Have Eyes")

Will Phelps

(Producer of "Holly Slept Over" and "Banana Split")

Jeremy Garelick

("The Wedding Ringer")

Ron Van Clief (Actor and Martial Art movie legend)

Tha Real ("King Of Paper Chasin" film) Kal Dawson (4x Grammy Winner)

Aleks Paunovic ("Van Helsing" , "War For The Planet Of The Apes")

Kenny Chin ("Birdman")

Jamal Hall (Producer of "The Fearless One")

Robert "Bigg Sarge" Deon (HBO Urban Action Showcase award winning filmmaker)

Robert Garrett (Xmoor Studios)

Freddie Robinson Jr. (Love and Hip Hop NY)

John Thomas (JT Talent)

Founder/CEO BIO
Tammy Reese

Founder of Visionary Minds Publicity and Entertainment Media Company Tammy Reese is an Central New York Award Winning Actress & Writer, and 2018 CNY 40 Under Forty recipient. 

Currently an column contributor for Rochester Women Online Magazine

Community Contributor for The Stand Newspaper (2014-2018). Tammy enjoys interviewing influential people by displaying the positive things people are doing artistically or by making a impact.

Graduating from Empire State College in 2008, she majored in media studies, including journalism, TV, film, blogging ,and radio production while minoring in theater and culture.

Her career started at age 12 with The Media Unit TV and Stage production company traveling and performing over 60 live stage shows a year, as well as Technical Directing or Hosting a public access TV program, “Rough Times Live.” In Tammy's 10 years with the company, her talents excelled as an Actress, Choreographer, Dancer, Writer, TV Host and Director. Hosting and Directing a live TV show made Tammy ready for anything such as serving on The Media Unit Board of Directors.

Since her days with the Media Unit, she has branched into an Independent Artist. Performing (Ensemble, Les Style, Stepp Sister) in “Dreamgirls” musical  at The Redhouse Arts Center in 2015. The production received a Syracuse Area Live Theater nomination for Best Musical and Best Ensemble. Other appearances at The Redhouse includes “The Color Purple” (Ensemble) and “Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens,” ( Sally).

Theatrical performance was her first love in the industry. As she got older, she embraced video and film production, writing and producing PSAs on suicide prevention "Hear My Call" , receiving a writing award and a domestic violence PSA "Live To Tell".

Her passion is acting, but she knows being a “Jill of all trades” will help her get opportunities and enhance her skills. Tammy Reese has Co Produced  Visionary Minds TV and Youtube series. She hosted the 1st- 4th episodes. The 4th episode documented the Central NY film and entertainment community. This episode highlighted interviews that are making other regions more aware of the thriving talent Central New York has to offer. The documentary featured Actors Giancarlo Esposito, Siobhan Fallon Hogan and Tom Bower , Founders of the Syracuse International Film Festival Owen and Christine Shapiro, Onondaga County Film Commissioner Eric Vinal, CNY Film Professionals President Elias Gwinn and more. Previous TV programs, which aired on Spectrum Cable in Central New York and YouTube are "Inspirational Women Of Syracuse" and "Inspirational Men Of Color In Syracuse", and "Survivors". All shows in collaboration with CJack Run Networks. Tammy plays the role of Aunt in "12 Days With God" directed by John Ginty. She has recently have taken screen writing classes with Hollywood Director Jeremy Garelick and Interviewed him as well.  Other great accompliments include being featured on the Women Of Upstate NY Magazine cover in March 2018 being an guest speaker at the CNY ADA Celebration hosted by Hall of Fame Journalist Jackie Robinson, walking the runway in Essence Magazine Street Style fashion show , and interviewing CandyMan himself Tony Todd at NYC Horror Film Festival 2018 where he received his Lifetime Achievement Award

To contact Tammy Reese
email  tammyreese7@gmail.com

Co Producer and Consultant BIO

Michelle DiBernardo is a commercial model, actress, photographer, certified makeup artist and a director of education for the well-known acting/modeling school, Barbizon USA. Michelle has been acting and modeling since she was 12 years old. She currently holds her New York state teaching license for acting/modeling. She is represented by multiple agents across the United States. She has played background in countless television shows, such as: “Blacklist,” “Blue Bloods,” “Hostages,” “I Just Want My Pants Back,” “The Leftovers,” “Smash” and “Unforgettable.”

DiBernardo also has appeared on local print ads, billboards and commercials for Americu Credit Union.

She has experience in voiceovers, commercials, runway, short films, feature films, music videos, promotional modeling and print.

Her most recent accomplishments are co-producing, hosting and directing, as well as being the director of photographer and post production for CJack Run Networks: Visionary Minds TV series. She played Mina in “DeJa Vu” for Mad Angel Films. She was a publicist and behind-the-scenes photographer for “Priest-The Lost Son’s”trailer, played Sharon in Syracuse University’s short film, “Dessert,” was a makeup artist for “Still Life With Family,” played the duchess in Sage Cat Media’s “A.K.A. Alice,” played background in the feature film “Wolves,” and played a detective in “Da Citi” feature film, a corporate video for Otto Media.

DiBernardo’s roles also include: support in Peppino’s commercial, principal in Mooradian’s Furniture commercial, background in Fountainscape commercial and principal in “I Love NY app” commercial.

DiBernardo recently trained biweekly with Robert Russell in one-on-one sessions and took screenwriting classes with Jeremy Garelick. She just finished an online theater and globalization class. Other recent trainings include with Dennis “LA” White, Tom Logan and Ryan Glorioso.


Meet the Producers Of Visionary Minds TV series in Collaboration with CJack Run Networks

Charles CJack Jackson, Tammy Reese and Michelle DiBernardo

Production Assistants: Sam DiBernardo, Celeste Mahone, Shaleem Forest, Sharleen Ashley, Baisha Holton, Christian Moore, and Blondean Young

Clyde Anderson is a recently graduate from Onondaga Community College With a Associates Degree in Digital Media. Born and Raised from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, NY, Clyde was a gifted individual with unique talents. Clyde has a passion for video editing. He currently runs the Media department at The King’s Healing Room Church where he actually found is love for audio and video production. Along with that, Clyde does photography for DJ EarCatcher’s events.

Clyde has also done work for 754 Media and TKHR Church. Clyde's experience includes using AVID, Nero, Final Cut Pro and iMovie.

Contact info:

Facebook: Clyde Anderson
Facebook Pages: Clyde Anderson Media
Instagram: Clydeandersonmedia
Email: Clydeanderson88@yahoo.com

B’Aisha Holton is a  Actress, Production Assistant, and inspiring writer . Syracuse NY native immersed in arts at the young age of 5 with a background in dancing ranging from ballet to tap to African dance. Also modeling from the age of  2 . She has been spotlighted in “Live To Tell”  PSA on domestic violence  written and produced by Tamara Reese . Soom she will be featured in Taj Smith 211 series. She landed her first independent role as a extra in Mad Angel Films "Romeo 3000 ", which will premiere January 2018. "Priest the Lost Son" film trailer she plays the role of an assassin .  Acting  workshop /seminars she attended includes School of Hearts with Clifton Powell and Jamal Wollard ,actors boot camp with Michelle DiBernardo. She is a extra  "Banana Split" Produced by Will Phelps. Certified in portable cameras  through Time Warner, studied at Onondaga Community College. Volunteer for the Syracuse yearly Film Festival since 2015 .

Sonia Conlin is an Italian bilingual actress and published model. Born and raised in her native Italy she moved to the States with her husband and children in late 2000. She is an actress with much versatility and adaptability created by her numerous military moves. She played piano and sang from an early age. She abandoned music later in life and did some theater in High School. Once she met her husband she ended up just following him around the world and raising the children. She did and USO production in Europe, a musical, Once in Love with Loesser. This for her was a chance to pick up again the love of her infancy and dance and sing along with her acting.

As the children started to go their way she decided to finally find her soul again and pursue her entertaining passion. She has been working very actively in Indie movie and gaining momentum with more and more challenging parts, trying to get out of the box and embracing roles that allow her to show the full range of her emotions as an actress.

Among others, most recently she finished a short movie with Award Winning Director and Emmy winner Composer Tyrik Keyz Washington, and the controversial full length movie 27 Matches, about sex trafficking, from Yellow House Media. Both projects are festival bound. You can also have a taste of her comedic side on “Kindhart” by Matthew Soule.

She is also cast in the movie “War Angel: The Awakening” Based on the true life of Matthew Carter and the Amazon top selling book with the same title.

She was recently published on I-dare Magazine in October 2017and on TR Magazine on November 2017 issue. This Spring she had a cameo in Sushi Tushi alongside Eddy Mekka and she most recently was featured  Jeff Goldblum most recent movie “The Mountain”.

In her “spare time” she loves to go to theatre and support her fellow Thespians and her most recent view was a production of Neil Simon’s Rumors. She also enjoys the summer sports and the winter sports and always finds a way to refine her personal skill. As of late it also relaxes her to write as she found it to be a very good therapeutic form of expression.

When she is not busy acting or modeling she teaches Italian at the local college and also on line for the air force.

She is also the Broker/Owner of her Real Estate Brokerage “All American Real Estate NNY LLC” and is very skilled at managing people and tasks.

Most recently she was asked from Snowtown film festival to be part of their screening team, to which she said yes.

In the past she was part of the education committee for the Jefferson Lewis board of realtors and was the chair for the Fair Housing Committee .

While military wife she received the Molly Pitcher Award.  The Honorable Order of Molly Pitcher is also bestowed by the U.S. Field Artillery Association (USFAA) and the Air Defense Artillery Association (ADAA) to recognize military spouses (historically women) who have voluntarily contributed in a significant way to the improvement of the U.S. Field Artillery or Air Defense Artillery Communities.

Last but not least she has been part of Visionary Minds, a program aimed to recognized and empower women, minorities and people who found great achievement despite great adversity and recognize their ability and bring visibility to all of those unsung heroes among us.

Blondean Young is an actress, singer and a writer. She recieved her Bachelors in Fine Arts from Syracuse University. She has been in many plays such as The Wiz, Unequelly Yoked and The Fanny Lou musical. She also has been featured in Orange is the New Black. She is a current resident of Syracuse, NY where she teaches acting through the Syracuse City School District. Blondean is now also on the Visionary Minds production team.