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Hiphop artist Radric Delantic Davis known professionally as Gucci Mane headlined a filled crowd for Syracuse University's University Union Block Party at the Carrier Dome. Performing new and old hits for all his day 1 and new fans. 5 time grammy nominee Sza opened for the rapper performing hits from her album "CTRL" . Whatever you heard about Coachella erase that from your mind . Sza performance amazed this packed crowd full of SU students and the general public. You could hear the crowd going wild and singing along with and dancing along with her. A young lady referred to by the artist as "nice tits" got props from Sza a few times during the set. She praised the audience for attending and her band for their artistry following up with a encore that presented a message of "God Bless You". Medasin was scheduled to open for both Sza and Gucci Mane, but cancelled due to a sudden illness. DJ Orange Calderon who opened the earlier Syracuse University event Mayfest did a set in Medasin's place. Getting the crowd hyped and ready for the amazing night that was to come. Thanks to the incredible artists gracing their presence in Syracuse NY . Thier music brought together all walks of life young and old and diverse races to have fun. Visionary Minds was invited as press to this event to be front and center in the press pit captivating photos and videos. Visionary Minds Photographer/Post Production for Mayfest and Block Party was Michelle Dibernardo and Reviewer/Reporter Tammy Reese. Stay tuned for videos coming soon to our YouTube Channel.

DJ Orange Calderon opened Syracuse University Mayfest followed by performances from YBN Nahmir and Quinn XCII . Hosted by University Union  April 27th 2018. Visionary Minds was invited as press to cover this event. The atmosphere was lively with much dancing throughout Walnut Park. Especially at the Silent Disco booth. The park was filled with SU students and activities such as face painting, fake tattoos, huge checkers, connect four, jenga games and huge adult bouncy house. Free condoms and food were provided as well. Reporter, Tammy Reese got a interview with the Headliner, Quinn XCII before his set and Photographer, Michelle Dibernardo captured photos inside the press pool in front of the stage.

Tammy : What advice do you have for any upcoming artists wanting to get into the music industry?

Quinn XCII: My biggest advice is to be yourself. I know it's pretty cliche to hear. It's so easy now a days with trends and people giving you advice and opinions of what's happening that you can easily want to be like someone else, but if your authentic, genuine and your own person it will definitely pay off in the end. That's why I try to do.

Tammy : I see you were at the Dinosaur what do you have to say about it?

Quinn: Amazing! One of our representatives from our record label is here chaperoning our time here in Syracuse. She was like you have to go to this place Dinosaur BBQ - Syracuse NY. I didn't think it would be as good as it was. When you think of BBQ you think of more southern states, but it was probably one of the best BBQ's I have had in a while. It was really good!

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Visionary Minds Presents The Wizard of Oz at Syracuse Stage that ran from December 2017 until January 7 2018 . This interview features Syracuse Stage artistic director Bob Hupp

Visionary MInds: Broadway Comes To Syracuse- Disney Presents "The Lion King"

Written & Reviewed by: Tammy Reese

Edited by: Tammy Reese & Michelle DiBernardo

Visionary Minds interviewed two of the cast members of Disney presents "The Lion King", which is the world's number one musical and was booked at the Landmark Theater in Syracuse, NY October 26-November 12th 2017. The cast who were interviewed includes Gerald Caesar, who portrays Simba and Nick Cordileone, who portrays Timon. Their chemistry is so in sync and delightful onstage it will make you want to be on stage with them. Especially during the "Hakuna Matata" number joined by Pumbaa, portrayed by Ben Lipitz who kept smiles on the audience face. Caesar and Cordileone effortlessly commanded they stage with their presence, incredible singing and dancing. Both won each scene they were in.

The entire cast embodies what a ensemble means. Everyone demonstrated precision, energy, focus and passion while performing. The leads, features, ensemble and background players all committed 100 percent to each scene. The performance showcased intense musical numbers, great set design, stellar transitions, amazing costumes, eye opening lighting and more. What stuck out the most was each cast member did more than just dance. They all defined what narrative movement means. They moved the way the animal they were would move. The choreography was phenomenal. As producers of Visionary Minds we were invited to see the show Monday, October 30th and were blown away. Literally jaw dropping fun, and excitement from beginning to end. The audience was packed on both levels of the theater. The crowd feedback was loud with claps, laughs, gasps and cheers. This classic show storyline is known world wide, but they made it their own especially by crowd interaction that you have to see the production for yourself to truly grasp. This show will have you feeling as if you are apart of the show. The separate interviews with Nick and Gerald were informative about how they got into acting, how they got their current roles, why they think "The Lion King" has been a classic all these years, and what advice they had for anyone wanting to get into the entertainment industry. These two humble actors didn't think they would have these roles, but the rest is history and both were crowd favorites. Other leads who embodied their roles were Mark Campbell (Scar), Gerald Ramsey (Mufasa), Buyi Zama (Rafiki), Greg Jackson (Zazu) and Nia Holloway (Nala). You won't want any of them to leave the stage. The featuring cast, includes the Hyenas Ed, Banzai, and Shenzi, played by Martina Sykes, Keith Bennett and Robbie Swift captured the essence of imagination that storytelling brings. The trio were wonderful comic relief and mastered acting through the use of their voices and costumes. Young Nala and Simba , Danielle Jalade (10) and Joziyah Jean-Felix (12) parents must be so proud of their hardwork and dedication in this show. The "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" number showed how talented they are and that they can carry a scene with or without adults as if they have performing experience beyond their years.  Each cast member will make you so engaged that you will not want the story to end. Go see this historical masterpiece which is suitable for all ages and the diverse crowd that attended will agree that you will have to experience this show for yourself to get the impact of this live musical theater phenomenon.