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Dynamic duo embracing women empowerment and diversity through the arts.

Introducing Visionary Minds CEO’s: Tammy Reese and Michelle DiBernardo. Michelle is a Director of Education at Barbizon USA and Tammy is a community contributor for the Stand Newspaper. These ladies have teamed up becoming a driving force as business partners. Both women were featured in BKQ Magazine June 2018 issue, on the March 2018 cover of the Women Of Upstate NY Magazine , on the November 2017 cover of Act Like A Pro Magazine, and Visionary Minds bullying prevention campaign was featured in the London,UK national publication of Soul Central Magazine. Visionary Minds is currently promoting a end racism campaign promoting unity, equality and diversity . The names these women have made for themselves individually have made them the team to look out for as they continue to inspire. In common both have been acting since the age of 12. In 2017, Tammy & Michelle collectively and individually these ladies been featured in magazines, on radio, in newspapers and are Co-Producers of CJack Run Networks presents Visionary Minds TV series. Reese and DiBernardo want to bring awareness by allowing the audience to expand their vision with Visionary Minds. Visionary Minds Publicity and Entertainment Media Company is a platform for creating, networking, inspiration, promotion and collaboration. These two women together provide services of acting, hosting, publicity, writing, video production, editing, planning, photography, graphic design, casting, teaching, creative development, consulting and more. Tammy and Michelle exude diverse women empowerment working hard together not only on the TV series, but as actresses' in numerous upcoming films such as "Deja Vu" produced by Mad Angel Films Producer- Matt Peters and "12 Days With God" Directed by John Ginty. Independent press at the HBO/ Cinemax Urban Action Showcase where they interviewed industry professionals such as Ron Van Clief, Aleks Paunovic , Ariel Jade, Kenny Chin and more. Additional press coverage events include "The Wizard of Oz" at Syracuse Stage and "The Lion King" at The Landmark Theatre, as well as “Up On Sugar Hill” Teaser by Jt Talent Enterprises where they interviewed 4X Grammy Winner-Kal Dawson, Alaya Lee & Cocoa Brown . Visionary Minds recently hosted 4x Grammy Winner Kal Dawson music artist workshop, which gave local artists the opportunity to learn, network and get a 1on1 with a music industry professional. Michelle and Tammy also hosted Maria and Keenan Lewis "I Know I Can" radio. A radio program that uplifts the community. Both women have taken screenwriting classes with Hollywood Director and Writer Jeremy Garelick (The Wedding Ringer & The Break Up). The notoriety in their town and state has been stamped and in other parts of the country as well. Be on the lookout for these visionaries Tammy and Michelle. Tammy and Michelle would like to thank the Visionary Minds team and supporters for inspiring , creating and believing.
So much more to come!

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Visionary Minds has teamed up to produce, cast,assisting write "The Most Beautiful Gift" sizzle reel presented by Keith Cureton coming soon in collaboration with All Grown Up ENT and Unorthodox Studios NY

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Check out Michelle Dibernardo Visionary Minds interview with Kal Dawson who is a 4x GRAMMY WINNER , Former President of Murder Inc record label. Currently has Kal Dawson Management Team LLC and recently became President of DBR Record Label. Kal has been working with Grammy- Award Winner's, such as Mr. Cheeks, from the Lost Boyz musical Group. Kal is also known for working side by side with Stevie J, and Seven, the list of names continue on.

You can also find Kal Dawson, working on a few reality shows as well as Love and Hip Hop, however Dawson's talent doesn't end there, he has been known to act as well, on channels such as "Starz" original series "Power" .

Tammy Reese is Visionary Minds Creator and Founder